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Website Supplemental Elements

Each Supplemental Site Element priced on hourly rate based upon client's needs assessment. The list below refers to elements for a Standard HTML designed website. For a Joomla based design, click here.

Mobile Device Friendly site designs

Whether you're using a Standard HTML site design or a CMS (Content Management System - Word Press or Joomla) based design, you can have your visitors automatically connected to either your main site or one that is designed for the smaller screen sizes of mobile devices.

MySQL Database (not associated with Joomla, Word Press, or Discussion Forums)

Created to client’s specifications – requires use of PHP programming code on client's website for displaying Database entries.

File Upload Utility

Good alternative to email attachments with much higher file sizes allowed. Requires use of PHP coded web pages and MySQL Database on client's website for use of utility.

Discussion Forums/Blogs

Can be used for public viewing or access-controlled for in-house usage.

Visitor Surveys

Handy site visitor feedback tool or marketing research. (May use third-party service providers)

Access Restricted Section

Section of website that requires Username and Password for security.