I want to migrate my website from one hosting service provider to another. How do I do this?

Site Migration is actually a three part process that does require more than a beginner's experience level to successfully complete. The steps below describe a site migration from another hosting service to the Parnassus Creative Website Hosting Cooperative.

Step 1:

Make an archive copy of your current website; this includes the MySQL Database files for CMS platform sites. This can be accomplished by installing the Akeeba Backup program on your CMS site via the Site Administration pages (backend). This will copy everything. Download that archive copy to your local computer system - it is best to use a FTP Client program to download so you can control the transfer 'mode', Binary is recommended where ASCII is not.

Step 2:

If not migrating your Domain Name Registration, access your current service provider and redirect where your domain name is connecting for your site. Edit the DNS information to use the addresses for your new site hosting service.

If migrating your Domain Name Registration, access your current service provider and check to make sure the registration for the domain name is NOT locked. If it is locked, edit it so that it is not locked and this will allow you to re-register your domain name on another service such as the one used by Parnassus Creative Website Services.

Access the C-Panel of your new hosting service to add your domain name to your account there. This must be done regardless if migrating the registration to here or not. This process will allow you to locate the DNS information you will need if not migrating your domain name registration.

If migrating your domain name registration, you will need to do this now and pay the registration fee. Note: to migrate your domain name registration, the existing registration must be current and at least more than 30 days old.

Be sure to set your domain name to be 'Fully Hosted' and associated with your 'User' on the new hosting service (this is where your site files will be located eventually). You may be asked to create a new User or to select from a list of existing Users; you must have account privileges that allow you to do this on the new hosting service. If you do not have these account privileges then an account administrator with these privileges must perform most or all of Step 2 for you.

For more information about Domain Name Registrations migrations and other settings on your Domain Name Registration see the FAQ: Parnassus Creative - If I register my domain name via Parnassus Creative, who is the owner of the domain name and what has to happen to get it working on the internet?

Step 3:

Setup your new site hosting account including your User account where your site files will eventually be located and make sure your domain name is set to connect to this User on the new hosting service. Once your domain name is connecting over the internet to your User account on the new hosting service then you can advance to the next task. This includes installing the basic CMS site files as this will also create the MySQL Database file for the site in its new home – this can usually be done via a ‘One-Click Goodies’ process if provided by the new hosting service. Make sure to note the MySQL access information including the Hostname, Database, User, and Password – you will need this information to complete the CMS platform setup and when you ‘restore’ your archive file of your website from the old hosting service.

Upload your Akeeba Archive file to the main directory of your User account for your site. Also upload the Akeeba KickStart file to the same directory. You should also be using a FTP Client program to upload these files using the ‘Binary’ transfer mode to ensure the files are not corrupted in the transfer process. After the upload task is completed simply follow the Akeeba Backup instructions for the ‘Restoration’ process.

Upon the successful completion of the restoration process your website has been migrated to your new hosting service. You should at this point test all of your pages and features to ensure they are compatible with the services of the new website host. You should also make sure that the CMS site Theme or Template and 3rd-party add-ons do not contain any malicious coding or back-links that may cause you problems or possible security breaches allowing hackers to gain access to your site files.